Samsung has a new brand sound, introduced at CES 2021, and it's called The Voyage. Brand sounds probably aren't something you've ever thought about, but these sounds are intended to keep sound effects consistent among different products. I haven't owned a Samsung phone in years, but I can still recall the previous brand sound from the default ringtone. Samsung's hoping you'll remember The Voyage just as well.

According to Samsung, this new sound "represents the overall brand identity of Samsung Electronics and was created by sound designers with extensive experience in developing sounds for product functions." The basic melody is composed of four notes, which you can see in the header, and Samsung says that this demonstrates that the company never stops innovating.

Variants of the sound will be used in stores, events, and digital content. Samsung has electronic, neoclassical, pop, and funk versions available on its blog post, which you can listen to below if you'd like to check those out.