We're already well-acquainted with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series by now. We know pretty much everything about the phones — right from the next-gen hardware and software to pricing and availability. The leaks are still coming in, though, and the latest one gives us a look at all the colorways that we will see on Samsung's upcoming flagships.

The new renders were tweeted by Roland Quandt and show us more colors of all three devices in the lineup. For instance, the S21 Ultra will not only be available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver but also in three other shades of blue, brown, and gray.

Similarly, the S21+ can now be seen in an additional color: a bold shade of red. Like Phantom Violet, it sports a dual-tone finish wherein the camera module is a sort of rose gold/bronze — a darker metallic shade of red would've probably looked better. Roland calls these Custom Colors, which perhaps means that they will be available only in select markets. Samsung has a history of launching region-exclusive colors so, this wouldn't be surprising.

The standard S21 will also be available in four colors (expect plastic backs), including Phantom Violet and Phantom Bronze — there's something for everyone. It remains to be seen which colors will make it to which markets, but we won't have to wait too long to know that. The next Galaxy flagships are all set to be unpacked on January 14 alongside at least a couple of interesting accessories, including the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Courtesy of Quandt via WinFuture.de, we've learned some more information about these Custom Colors. According to him, the Phantom Gold and Phantom Red colors for the S21+, as well as the Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown colors for the S21 Ultra, will all be considered "custom." This means that customers will have to order it via Samsung's site and have a wait time of several weeks, as these colors are apparently only delivered upon request. There won't be any additional costs or storage spec limitations, though, which is nice.

According to Samsung, these Custom Color phones will be manufactured in "special production." Quandt notes that this is a good balance to strike between offering a variety of colors to customers without risk of having a bunch of strange-colored phones left unsold in their warehouses; if you want one of the weird colors and you're willing to wait for it, you can get it. Personally, I (and a few others at AP) like the Phantom Brown on the S21 Ultra, though that's obviously a very polarizing color.