D-Link isn't just a Taiwanese consumer networking gear vendor: it makes smart home appliances, too. Turns out we've got a couple of new gadgets from the company this year: a moisture sensor and an outdoor pan & zoom security camera.

The camera (model number DCS-8635LH) is a robust unit with a 270° swing range and 1440p views of the full 360°. The camera is shielded with glass and can operate in turbulent weather with its IP65 rating and temperature tolerance between -25° and 45°C. Owners can pop it on a wall or on top of a pole and set it up quickly with Bluetooth, then keep live feeds up through Ethernet or Wi-Fi on IPv6 or ONVIF Profile S. The camera pans, tilts, and zooms on its own with AI-powered object and person detection. There's two-way voice communication, integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant, and a variety of storage options from commercial cloud to microSD to local remote solutions such as LAN-connected PCs and phones.

The Wi-Fi Water Sensor Kit (DCH-S1621KT) smartens up the traditional water sensor that's used where seepage can cause life-threatening conditions. The sensor is battery-powered and must be attached to a separate, plugged-in sensor-hub. Users get notified of leaks via a 100dB siren, strobing LEDs, and notifications to their linked smartphones.

We don't have any word on cost or release date for these products, but that camera sure seems like a steady choice if it's priced right.