With displays getting bigger, watching shows and movies on smartphones has become increasingly popular in recent years. This and the fact that we've always got a smartphone in our hands hasn't gone unnoticed by streaming services — heck, we even had an ill-fated smartphone-only streaming service. In an effort to increase accessibility, Amazon Prime Video is offering a mobile-only subscription tier in India.

The Seattle-based technology giant has partnered with Indian telecom network Airtel to offer these plans. For a fee of INR 89 (~$1.22), users will have access to SD content on a single mobile device for 28 days. Additionally, the tier bundles 6GB of data that can be consumed for streaming. If that's not enough, there's a more-expensive tier for INR 299 (~$4.09) that offers 1.5GB of data every day of the subscription.

This isn't the first time a streaming service has gone the mobile-only route. Netflix has offered similar plans in certain markets (such as India) for a while now. Last year, to gain more ground, it even offered a pricier plan that provided access to the service on smartphones, tablets, and computers. India is a price-sensitive market, so lowering the barrier with a mobile-only plan is definitely a good way to get more users on board, especially when smartphones remain the first choice device for accessing the internet in the country.

It's unclear whether Amazon will extend Prime Video Mobile Edition to other countries, but its support page does say that it is "available in selected countries through external partners," so that might suggest wider availability is coming at some point.