LG isn't making the best-selling smartphones these days, but we have to admit that the South Korean company does have a flair for thinking out of the box, as we've seen with unorthodox models like the LG Wing. While so far we haven't seen any phones with foldable displays like Samsung or Motorola produce, today we're checking out a possible step in that direction with the Rollable concept phone LG just teased at CES 2021.

At first glance, the phone seems rather normal — until the screen mechanically unfurls to give it tablet-like proportions. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, this model doesn't need to be flipped open to reveal the bigger display; the panel simply slides in and out of place to expand screen real estate when needed.

This isn't the first time we're seeing a concept smartphone with a rollable display — TCL said it was working on a similar concept phone last year, and Oppo even went ahead and showed us a working concept phone with a rollable display a few months back. This also isn't the first time LG has showcased a product with a rollable display — at least, the South Korean electronics giant already sells a TV with a rollable display in its home market.

As for this phone, there's no word on when (or whether) the Rollable concept phone will make its way to market. It's currently merely a part of LG's Explorer Project that examines ways to “breathe new life into what makes a smartphone.” For what it's worth, the LG Wing was once a part of this project too — fingers crossed.

LG confirms 2021 availability

Shortly after the teaser, an LG spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Nikkei that the phone will be made available in 2021. “As it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year,” said the spokesperson. The report further states that the display will be manufactured by China’s BOE Technology Group. No information on the display technology or size was revealed.