The smart light market is hardly stagnant, but there are key players whose products dominate their niche. If you're looking for smart lighting strips, you're probably going to end up with a Philips Hue product, and folks hoping for decorative wall pieces tend toward Twitch- and YouTube-popularized Nanoleaf lights. But Twinkly (of smart Christmas light fame) has just launched its own spatially mappable versions of both.

In case you aren't familiar, Twinkly is known (among other things) for its string lights. The company has a unique twist on that formula, as its lights can be mapped by an app, letting you apply patterns after the fact without worrying about how you set them up or put them on. It's pretty damn cool:

Today Twinkly is announcing three new products: Twinkly Line smart LED strips, Twinkly Flex LED tube, and Twinkly Squares smart LED panels, and they all benefit from this tech, too.

Twinkly Line

Twinkly Line is a set of smart LED strip lights that come in two options: a 100 RGB LED strip and an extension strip available in similar 100 LED increments, all individually addressable for animations and effects via the Twinkly App.

Availability for the Twinkly Line is set for Q2 2021, but pricing has not been revealed.

Twinkly Flex

Twinkly Flex is a "tube" light that can be flexed and contorted to fit where you need it — or left out as a conspicuous accent. Each tube comes packed with 200 RGB LEDs that can be mapped to real-world spaces via the Twinkly app.

The Twinkly Flex will be available in Q2 2021, pricing TBD.

Twinkly Squares

The new Twinkly Squares have sights aimed squarely (ha) at Nanoleaf. These aren't any fancy geometric shapes by themselves, merely big square panels offering 64 RGB pixels in an 8x8 configuration, sold in bundles of 9 or 16 panels. That's a whole lot more potential than just a single color per panel.

As with other Twinkly products, each of those pixels is individually mappable, so you can display complex and changing patterns courtesy of the Twinkly app — one step closer to my dream of a whole wall covered in Conway's Game of Life.

Unlike the other two products in today's lineup, Twinkly Squares won't be available until Q4 2021, so you've got a wait ahead of you. In case you haven't noticed the pattern yet, Twinkly hasn't revealed pricing for this one, either.

All of Twinkly's products support Razer Chroma with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa integration, and (as repeatedly noted above), they all work with Twinkly's app, which lets you map each LED's position and apply fun effects, giving them a decent leg over the competition — though you can't buy these new lights just yet.

Developer: Ledworks
Price: Free

Press Release

Twinkly Announces the Twinkly Home Range at CES 2021
New product line features Twinkly Line, Flex and Squares

January 11th, 2021, [Milan, Italy] – Ledworks, the creator of Twinkly Smart Decor, announces its new Twinkly home range during CES 2021. The new product line is designed to beautifully merge home decor and advanced smart home technology, and includes three different products: Twinkly Line, Twinkly Flex, and Twinkly Squares.

Twinkly’s proprietary Computer Vision mapping technology will be included in all Twinkly home range products, allowing users to precisely detect the exact position of every single LED on the product. All other award-winning features will also be available, such as the ability to group together multiple devices, the download and creation of visual effects, and integration with the main vocal assistants. Thanks to these features, users will be able to expand their decoration potential better than ever before, combining ambient lights with custom creations that will redefine the standard of home lighting.

All products in the Twinkly Home Range will feature Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and can be controlled via the free Twinkly App (for iOS and Android), Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Razer Chroma RGB.

The Twinkly home range will be available in 2021.

Twinkly Line
Twinkly Line is LED strip lighting for the connected home. The product group comprises a 100-pixel RGB LED strip, and a 100-pixel RGB LED strip extension. Twinkly Line provides users with the creative possibility to make customized ambient lighting throughout their home and outdoor living spaces.

Twinkly Line will be available in Q2 2021.

Twinkly Flex
Twinkly Flex is LED tube lighting that unleashes new levels of creativity in a connected home. The product group comprises a 200-pixel RGB LED flex tube, that can be utilized in unlimited ways. Twinkly Flex provides users with the creative possibility to make customized holiday/occasion decor, game room decor, and more.

Twinkly Flex will be available in Q2 2021.

Twinkly Squares
Twinkly Squares are smart LED panels for the connected home. The product group comprises a 64-pixel RGB LED panel, available in bundles of 9 or 16 panels. Twinkly Squares is a revolutionary product that combines the power of an LED wall with the style of interior decoration. This system can connect with other products to generate incredible experiences, from DJ set lighting to immersive gaming consoles.

Twinkly Squares will be available in Q4 2021.


Twinkly will additionally feature Twinkly Music and its Razer Chroma™ RGB partnership through the duration of CES 2021.

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About Twinkly
Ledworks is an Italian company whose mission is to bring digital innovation to the world of consumer and professional lighting. Ledworks is the creator of Twinkly Smart Decoration – a connected patented and award-winning lighting system that is revolutionising the lighting industry.

Twinkly’s innovative and customizable LED lights offer unlimited combinations of colors and patterns, giving consumers the ability to customize their holiday and home decorations right from their smartphone.