Chamberlain, of smart garage opener fame, has announced another new myQ-compatible smart door — this time around, for pets. The new myQ Pet Portal uses an elevator-style mechanism that claims to be "virtually unnoticeable" to passersby, paired with a custom collar sensor to authenticate your dear doggo (or cat-o?). It also has a handful of security features, analytics, a two-way camera with audio, and all for the low, low price of just $3,000.

"I saw you taking pets from the neighborhood kids on night vision, Fido. Why should I take you back?"

If that seems like a reasonable quantity of money to spend on cutting a hole in your door for your dog, you'll enjoy features like an auto-close and lock system to prevent raccoon tailgating (nearly a direct quote) and an app loaded with remote alerts, routines, and analytics for micromanaging your pet's coming and goings.

You can choose between a handful of styles and colors, and it requires a new Kolbe-branded door to be professionally installed. In more pet door tech specs (a phrase I never thought I'd write), the myQ Pet Portal is equipped with two 1080p cameras with night vision and comes with a two-year warranty on parts and services. It's compatible with dogs between 10-90 lbs in weight. It isn't clear how many collar sensors it might come with, but we have to assume it's at least one. Previous myQ gadgets are also Google Assistant-compatible, so there's a good chance we'll see Pet Portal door integrations land in the Assistant.

Also note, pricing merely "starts" at $3,000, so there could be circumstances in which it ends up costing more. While installation sounds like it is included (and you can't install it yourself, as far as we can tell), at a minimum, we know shipping costs affect it. Interested parties can plunk down a $100 deposit to pre-order and reserve their very own pet door starting today. Some will ship as soon as Spring 2021.