Nest products offer some of the tightest integration with Google Assistant around, and right now, you can grab a pack of 3 Nest Cam Indoor security cameras direct from Google on eBay for just $248. That's roughly $100 in savings on a package of cameras that offer all the home security essentials you need.

The Nest Cam Indoor is perfect for monitoring your home during the day and at night due to its 1080p Full HD video resolution and infrared night vision. It boasts a slim, minimal design that can be positioned almost anywhere thanks to its magnetic stand. Two-way audio is included as well, so you can yell at people who misbehave or prank your parents when they come over for Christmas dinner.

These cameras have lots of premium perks, too, like motion sensing abilities and automatic alerts when something's wrong. Thanks to Google smarts, it can even notify you when it hears important events like glass breaking or a dog barking. You can gain access to additional features like person alerts and continuous recording via a Nest Aware subscription, too, if you require more peace of mind.

In November, the Nest Cam Indoor hit its lowest price ever of $100 a pop. This pack includes 3 of them for just $248, making this a stellar value for those in need of a home security upgrade.

This deal from December is back. It's at the same spot on eBay, so use the link above to grab your bundle.