We may be in the late stages of a global pandemic, but the audience for remote or touchless solutions to everyday routines will stick around after the endgame. So it goes that Alarm.com has announced one of the first consumer-facing touchless video doorbells.

Owners can opt to do away with the doorbell button and just use the device's person-detection algorithms alone — data coming from a Full HD camera with daytime HDR and infrared night vision plus motion sensors — to trigger the chime. Buyers are encouraged to spend extra on a doormat that instructs visitors to "stand on mat to ring doorbell," though this may introduce confusion if they believe something to not be working.

As with many smart doorbells, users can see a live feed when the chime goes off, chat with the guest via the two-way voice system, and choose to unlock their door right from the screen.

Alarm.com is also making a cellular version of its battery-operated Flex IO motion sensor system, working through LTE-M.

Both products are available and can be quoted through distribution partners like ADT. The Verge was able to squeeze a quote from the company of "under $200" for the new doorbell. We're not clear on the doormat.