Previous leaks indicated that Samsung would bring S Pen support to the Galaxy S21 series (or at least, the S21 Ultra), but the phones wouldn't have an integrated slot for the stylus. One clamshell cover for the S21 Ultra's S Pen was leaked last week, and now we have a good look at Samsung's idea for a 'compact' silicone case.

WinFuture has obtained images of the S Pen silicone case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Besides the flip-on cover, it looks almost identical to the clamshell case that was previously leaked. One side of the case is significantly larger than the other, with a cutout for the S Pen to attach to.

While the silicone case is more compact than the clamshell design that was previously leaked, it's still disappointing that the first S-series phone with stylus support can't keep the pen attached without a case. More photos are available at the source link below.