Setting up new smart home devices is always a hassle, which you might have noticed following the holidays and presents under the tree. You have to look through a list of Assistant actions during setup and select the appropriate one, which is just one part of the multi-step pairing process. Google is looking to make this step easier with the introduction of suggestion chips for new device's actions on your network, but smart home app developers will have to do their part to enable this.

You'll be able to find the app for your new device at the top of the Home app.

You might already be familiar with the suggestion chips that occasionally pop up at the top of the Google Home app, which usually offer quick access to set up home and away routines, invite home members, and so on. In the future, these chips will also be populated by action suggestions, so finding the appropriate action or app for your new smart home device should only take you a single tap. Developers have to implement this via their console first, so it might take some time until you'll actually see the new suggestions.

Google has also taken the reverse situation in account when you set up a device via a company's own app. Developers can now add deep links to the Home app, so you can connect a new device to your home without having to manually switch apps and digging through lists of devices first.

If you're a developer interested in adding this to your app, be sure to read the Google blog post in the source link below for all the details. For the rest of us, we'll have to be patient.

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