The Google Phone app that comes preinstalled on Pixels and some other smartphones is a true boon for people constantly bothered by robocalls as it's capable of blocking them automatically. But the company has expanded its calling app with other features as well: It recently added call recording, rolling out to select phones and regions since the beginning of 2020. It looks like the developers are now working on automatic recordings if you receive calls from unknown numbers not in your contacts.

In a teardown, XDA Developers found strings that show evidence that Google is currently working on automatic call recordings. If you were to activate the feature once it's live, you'd see a disclaimer that warns you about legal consequences depending on your jurisdiction and that an audio warning is sent to everyone on the line before the recording starts. Further strings point to a confirmation dialog where you can choose to "Always record" or "Cancel" if you change your mind. There should also be a toggle in settings.

<string name="non_contact_always_record_dialog_message">"You or the other person in your call might be somewhere that requires everyone to consent to being recorded. Everyone will be notified ahead of time that the call is being recorded. It's up to you to follow laws about recording conversations. Recordings are stored only on your phone."</string>
<string name="non_contact_always_record_dialog_title">Always record calls with numbers not in your contacts?</string>
<string name="non_contact_always_record_negative_button_label">Cancel</string>
<string name="non_contact_always_record_positive_button_label">Always record</string>
<string name="non_contact_toggle_key">non_contact_toggle_key</string>
<string name="non_contact_toggle_label">Numbers not in your contacts</string>

As with any feature uncovered by an app teardown, automatic call recording might change substantially before it goes live or could be scrapped altogether without warning. Google has yet to officially announce or acknowledge the functionality.

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