According to Google's Workspace Status Dashboard and anecdotal user reports, Google Meet is having difficulties today. Although the problem isn't universal, some folks can't access the Google Meet site, which shows a 502 error. Thankfully (or unfortunately, if you're hoping to dodge classes), there's a workaround.

Affected users are still able to access Google Meet meetings via direct URL or calendar links. So long as the person having difficulties isn't the one that needs to create the meeting, that means participants should still be able to join even if they're among those running into trouble; links may simply have to be manually shared. Other platforms are also seemingly unaffected.

Google's status dashboard indicates the company has been aware of the issue since 8:35 AM and is still investigating the precise cause of the problem. More updates regarding the outage are planned, and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop should we hear more.

Back up

Google says the issue has since resolved, and Meet should be working as normal again. Back to work/school.