If you're a OnePlus 8T owner, you're no doubt familiar with the dumpster fire that was the OxygenOS update released last week. Today's update, which carries version number for India and North American markets and for European markets aims to fix the bugs introduced by that update.

This update actually has virtually the same changelog as; it's even still on the November 2020 security patch. However, there is one new bullet point, which says the issue with the media player pausing abnormally has been fixed. This was the biggest issue with (and the subsequent EU-market update, which apparently didn't fix anything). Since the update was only just released, whether or not the issue's been fixed is still a bit unclear, with one commenter on the OnePlus Forums post saying that video taken from his previous phone is still freezing. That said, there are only a handful of replies to the thread so far in total.

As usual with OnePlus updates, the OTA is being rolled out slowly, with a broader rollout coming in a few days. Here's hoping this lets OnePlus 8T owners watch videos and listen to music properly again.