With a plethora of music streaming services to choose from these days, local music players have become somewhat of a niche app category. But that doesn't mean users and developers have completely lost interest, and many people still prefer to own their music. That's where apps like Phonograph or Shuttle come in, and the developer of the latter has just released the beta of a completely rewritten Android app. You can give it a try on the Play Store.

The overhauled app's current working title is "S2," and it's the result of two years of development and a complete rewrite in Kotlin, which promises better performance than Java. Like its predecessor, S2 is a local music player first and foremost, but it also supports Emby libraries, and the developer says that Plex and Jellyfin integrations are planned for the near future.

Unlike many other audio players, you can opt to have it scan specific folders for music, so you can avoid littering the app with WhatsApp voice messages, audiobooks, and other potentially unwanted files.

S2 fits in nicely with Google's latest design guidelines with a focus on a plain and clean interface with lots of white space and an optional dark theme. Completing the audio experience, S2 also offers gapless playback, a 10-band EQ, album shuffle, a sleep timer, include/exclude list, multiple genres for tracks, Android Auto, Chromecast, and more.

The developer shared that while the app is currently free, he plans on monetizing it in some way in the future, though he isn't sure what exactly that will look like. We might get ads or IAPs that unlock features later down the road. People who have previously bought the original Shuttle Music IAP for additional features might have to pay for them in the rewritten app again, which seems fair — it's basically a completely new application with hours of development behind it.

You can download the beta on the Play Store, where it lives in its own listing separate from the current Shuffle player — you can use them side-by-side if you want to. To get updates to the latest builds as soon as possible, be sure to join the testing program.

S2 Music Player
S2 Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free