For the most part, people make use of Google Assistant to get work done or learn more about stuff. However, as we've seen over the years, there's also a lighter side to it that shows up now and then. The latest advancement along that line is a new Do Nothing mode that does just what the name suggests — nothing. And yeah, there's plenty of sass in its responses.

Now, fair warning: most of you probably can't check this out. Developed in collaboration with Cadbury's 5 Star (a popular chocolate bar sold in India and other global markets), this behavior has not popped up on any of our devices in the US nor Europe. But if you do find yourself living where 5 Stars are sold, Do Nothing can be activated by saying, "Eat a 5 Star." Once engaged, Assistant returns with a message that perfectly summarizes the experience — "I feel like doing nothing now. And I’m going to help you chill too. Ask me anything."

Ask it do anything and Assistant will reply in a way that's equal parts useless and cheeky. For instance, when I asked about the weather, Assistant returned with a " if you're going to step out." Similarly, a question about the nearest salon returns with a rather savage "You're in luck. Bushy eyebrows, hairy armpits and no makeup selfies are in fashion."

Do Nothing mode is an extension of 5 Star's latest ad campaign in India. So maybe don't hold your breath waiting for global availability.