Fellow Mac users know what a pain in the bum Google's official Android File Transfer application is on macOS. Luckily, there are tons of alternatives, and the most accessible one just got even better. OpenMTP version 3.0 gives the open-source tool long-awaited improvements like Samsung phone support, a dark theme, and drag-and-drop from Finder.

From a technical standpoint, OpenMTP is similar to the official Android File Transfer tool. It's an Electron app that establishes an MTP connection to your phone. Once you've set it up, it automatically starts when you connect your handset, offering a dual-pane view of your Mac's file system and your Android device's data, allowing you to copy, move, and delete files.

Dark mode and the new progress bar.

Version 3.0 makes file transfers even faster thanks to the new Kalam MTP kernel and adds some UI improvements. If you don't like the dual-pane view, there's now an optional single-pane UI. You can also move your Mac's files to the right if you prefer that. And the new dark mode should be a godsend for anyone who prefers macOS's dark system theme.

What’s new in OpenMTP v3.0?

  • New and Super performant Kalam MTP kernel
  • Much awaited Samsung phone support
  • 5-6x faster file copy speed
  • Dark Theme mode
  • New App logo
  • Drag and Drop files from the macOS Finder window
  • New file icons
  • Overall progress on the file transfer screen
  • New 'Show directories first’ option
  • New 'Single pane mode’ option
  • New 'Move the Local Disk pane to the right side’ option
  • New 'Auto device detection' option
  • Other UI optimisation and performance improvements

You can download OpenMTP from the official website or build it from source on Github. It's also available through homebrew using the cask command brew install openmtp --cask.