A new Google-made bit of electronics has just hit the FCC. The less than aptly-named A4R-G4CVZ is an "Interactive Device" with a confidentiality request attached to it that strips it of useful details like photos or product names. Although we aren't sure what it will be, we do know a few things about it, like that it packs Google's new radar-based Soli technology and supports Zigbee.

Though we didn't see it mentioned inside the documents, one of the tests calls out Zigbee.

None of the documents specifically state Zigbee support that we can see, but one of them does have it right in the test report filename itself. On top of that, the device specifically supports the ~60GHz frequencies used by Google's Soli tech. The document describing the FCC label also states that it has a screen to display that label, so it's unlikely this is a smart speaker. It also doesn't appear to have a battery and utilizes a 14V power supply, so it likely isn't portable.

Conservatively, this is clearly a smart home device of some kind given the inclusion of Zigbee, but a few of the particulars here are curious. For example, a 14V wired power supply is beefier than most of Google's recent smart home gadgets, though in line with something like a Google Home.

Any further speculation would be entirely unfounded, but my own wild guess is that this could be some kind of Nest Secure successor or a hub-like device for use with external sensors. The original Nest Secure had a motion detector, which Google can easily repurpose Soli for, and it was also a simple device sensor hub, which is something Zigbee support would aid. There's no outright proof or smoking gun for that sort of guess, though, and this could be almost anything — maybe a new Nest smart display. Perhaps the most curious detail is the fact that nothing about it seems to have leaked yet.