Google Podcasts has had a long road to walk in order to compete with more fully featured podcast apps, but it's been steadily improving lately, even gaining support for adding custom RSS feeds. Now Google is bringing the web version more in line with the mobile apps by revamping the Subscriptions page to show a list of your latest episodes.

Over on the Google Podcasts website, there's a horizontal-scrolling carousel of your subscribed shows at the top. Below that, the Subscriptions page now displays a list of the newest episodes from shows you've subscribed to, starting with the latest. The time of publishing appears along with artwork and the episode title and description.

The subscription feed is very similar to the one that appears in the mobile app.

This change appears to be available for most people now, which is a good thing since it seems like a pretty basic feature that probably should've been there from the start. If you've been waiting for the ability to check out the most recent episodes from your podcast subscriptions, you should be able to see them by heading to