Dealing with a broken keylock sucks. In many cases, you're probably not in a position to fix it, thereby compounding the daily frustration of having to hit the hammers just right to get into your apartment. Well, if you've liberated yourself from who gets a lock on what you do with your locks, consider getting August's Wi-Fi enabled Smart Lock at its best price yet!

Installing it is easy and works with most existing deadbolts, but the biggest advantage to a product like this is not having to use the darn key in the first place: you can set it to unlock when your phone is in range of your home 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and, for an extra step of security, require on-device biometric authentication (that's facial scan or fingerprint read) before it clicks off. Best of all, this fourth-generation design is 45% smaller than its predecessor and there's no need to fuss with an extra hub device.

This August lock launched earlier this year with a $250 MSRP, but it's been taking baby steps downward since then — we last logged it at $219 in September. Well, we're now happy to report that it has just sunk below the $200 water line and is resting at the moment at $199 on Amazon and Best Buy. New year, new lock, am I right?