Smart appliances are nothing new, but it's a rare treat to find one that does something we can actually call smart. LG will demonstrate a series of new features coming to its line of refrigerators during the virtual CES 2021 conference in January, and among the highlights will be an automatic door that opens in response to voice commands. This will enable users to simply voice the command, "open the refrigerator door," and they'll be able to drop off or pick up items without touching a handle.

It may seem like a novelty for putting away groceries with a little more convenience, but a voice-controlled refrigerator door could also play a big part in limiting the spread of germs. Of course, this is a hot topic with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, but more broadly, this reduces the possibility of contamination while preparing food. For example, opening the door to reach for additional ingredients after handling raw meat is sure to deposit bacteria on the handle. And in turn, touching a dirty door handle right before handling food or touching your mouth can quickly turn into a bad couple of days.

Along with the automatic door, there will also be new voice commands for checking your agenda and the status of ice and water dispensers. If your water filter has reached the end of its useful life, the refrigerator can order fresh filters via Amazon Dash. All of these features are configured via the LG ThinQ app on your phone. And since they're connected to the Alexa and Google Assistant ecosystems, you should be able to give directions through any assistant devices or your phone, too.

The lineup also features other cleanliness enhancements like the UVnano system which blasts UV light on the water dispenser and efficiency features like its InstaView door for easy visibility and access to commonly used items.

The full announcement and demonstrations will go live during CES 2021, starting January 11. LG's virtual booth will include these refrigerators and other products to be announced at the show.

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