Spotify's Wrapped campaign turned out to be an ingenious marketing tool and more companies seem to be realizing the benefits of offering personalized, year-end insights to help generate word of mouth. GPay is jumping on the bandwagon with its own 2020 rewind stats.

How long have you been a user? How many transactions have you made, and to how many people? How much have you spent monthly? These are some of the questions that GPay answers with the new campaign. It even awards medals depending on how much you've used the app to pay for things. It's worth noting that this only seems to be available for the Indian version of the payment app, at the time of writing, so it's unclear if it will come to the US.


If you want to check out your insights, tap on the banner at the top of the app. If you don't see it there yet, scroll down to the "Spend and win" section and tap on the "2020" icon to access it.

Google didn't think it was appropriate to release a YouTube Rewind video this year, but at least GPay came up with a year-end campaign. The latter is known to often use gamification to increase engagement, and so far, it has seemed to work pretty well — GPay leads the UPI market in India.

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