Our friends over at AUKEY are no strangers to making some of the most capable phone chargers in the biz, featuring technologies like gallium nitride (GaN) and USB Power Delivery (PD), all packed into portable, yet durable designs. As new phones, computers, and other exciting electronics will undoubtedly be delivered this holiday season, now's a great time to make sure you have the means to keep them powered up. These are the best USB-C PD chargers from AUKEY that you can buy right now.

AUKEY Minima 18W

If portable charging power is what you're looking for, you've found it in the Minima 18W. This little fella is a pocketable charger (with foldable plug) that's capable of fast-charging your devices via 18W of power. Its tiny size makes it perfect for traveling (when that becomes a thing again) or for use in tight spaces. It comes in black or white, and you can currently pick up the former version for as low as $11.04 ($3.95 off) at Amazon, no coupons or codes necessary.

AUKEY Swift 18W

Next up is the AUKEY Swift 18W, a wall charger that features a PD 3.0 port for fast charging large handsets, like the Galaxy Note20 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max. This model comes in black, and you can either purchase the wall adapter with a USB-C-to-lightning cable for iPhone owners at $19.99, or you can get the charger by itself for just $10.99 at Amazon.

AUKEY Omnia 65W

For those of you who need some extra juice, the AUKEY Omnia 65W is packing plenty of dual-port power keep your devices topped off and ready to roll. This charger features one USB-C PD port capable of producing a full 65W of power by itself, or 45W when used in tandem with the secondary USB-A port.

With this degree of power, the Omnia 65W is great at fast-charging smartphones and tablets, plus it can effectively power smaller computers — like MacBook Pro 13" and some Chromebooks — while they're in use. This charger is available in black or white at Amazon for $32.99 ($14.00 off) when all direct discounts and on-screen coupons are applied.

AUKEY Omnia 90W

Need even more power? AUKEY has you and your devices covered with the Omnia 90W. This beast features three ports — two USB-C and one USB-A — capable of splitting power between them. When both USB-C ports are engaged, the bottom utilizes 60W while the top pulls 30W of power. When the bottom USB-C port and the USB-A port are in use, they also split 60W/30W of power. You can even use all three at once, dividing power between 60W for the first USB-C port, and then 12W each for the remaining USB-C and USB-A ports.

The Omnia 90W's versatility enables it to charge up all the devices in your life, from the least demanding smartphones, all the way up to power-hungry laptops, like the 16" MacBook Pro. Even better, the Omnia 90W is currently on sale at Amazon for $42.49 ($17.50 off), no coupons required.

A special holiday giveaway

Being the holiday season, AUKEY wanted to give our readers a little something extra to look forward to. Right now, you can sign up to win one of five USB-C charger bundles featuring the AUKEY Minima 18W, Swift 18W, Omnia 65W 2-port fast charger, Omnia 90W 3-port charger, and the 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station. To learn more, including which readers are eligible and how you can enter, check out our full article here.

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