The World Health Organization first came out with its official coronavirus app  in April, but it was soon pulled from public view as it wasn’t supposed to be out yet. The global health body has finally released the stable version of the app on the Play Store, offering  a wealth of trustworthy information and safety practices against the deadly virus — though how it's being released is a little wonky.

Not a typical contact-tracing app like many countries have introduced, WHO COVID-19 Updates is more of a general-purpose app that keeps you updated with case counts, news, and stuff like that. It tells you about all the basic hygiene and social distancing practices that could potentially prevent the spread of coronavirus, and while there’s nothing new about this information, the WHO app acts as a credible source that brings every piece of scattered info to one place.

The app also does away with its older UI that we saw during its early phase for a tabbed interface. Under Check-Up, you’ll find a list of mild and serious COVID-19 symptoms, while the Learn section busts some common myths and answers your basic questions. You can also keep an eye on your country’s and global case growth, and tinker with its bare-bones setting options.

The WHO COVID-19 Updates app is now live on the Play Store, but only those in Nigeria can download it right now. WHO's website notes that the app will go live in other regions in English sometime later, followed by its availability in other languages. Even if you're outside Nigeria, you can head to APK Mirror to sideload it now. The app works as intended and even supports country-specific data for all markets.

WHO COVID-19 Updates
WHO COVID-19 Updates
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