If you have a Google Home or Assistant-powered smart display and some smart RGB lights, you can enjoy a little extra holiday cheer this year. Just tell it, "Hey Google, let's get jolly" to trigger a red and green light show paired with a quick bit of holiday music.

Be sure to enable audio for the video above. We promise it's cooler if you have more multicolor Assistant-compatible lights. 

Fire off that command, and your Google Assistant will start some Christmas-themed tunes and a multi-color light show — if you have the smart lights to do it.

There are also a handful of other well-known Assistant commands that put on a light show, like Halloween's "let's get spooky" and even a vacation-themed "let's head to the beach." But if you're stuck at home away from your family and looking to supplement that seasonal dose of holiday cheer, maybe this can help make a small difference.

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  • Nick Cipriani