We've heard plenty of rumors suggesting that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could get S Pen support. Earlier this month, Samsung also teased this by sharing that it will be adding some of the "most well-loved features" of the Note experience to other devices in its lineup. Now, taking the guesswork out of that cryptic statement is the FCC filing of the phone, which confirms that it will indeed support the S Pen.

As spotted by Android Authoritythe Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SMG998B) recently made passed through the FCC. The filing confirms that it can "be used with a stylus device" and that it will support hover functionality, which has previously allowed for features such as Air View on Galaxy Note phones.

From what we've heard, Samsung isn't going to bundle the S Pen with the S21 Ultra — the phone won't have a slot for it. It seems likely that it will be sold along with a phone case that can accommodate it. Apart from support for the S Pen, the filing confirms that the phone will have support for UWB, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, NFC, and Wi-Fi 6E.

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