If, for whatever reason, you wanted a hotrod of a Chromebook, Samsung had it for you this year with the Galaxy Chromebook. With 10th-gen Intel silicon, a 4K display, and $1,000 price tag, it had everyone one could ever need for such a machine. But it looks like we could be getting a sequel as early as February. Says who? Says some stranger with a swiped presentation slide on Twitter.

@_h0x0d_, not a strange name in our coverage, dropped this image along with a message through self-retweet of "p.s. how about 699?" The bullet points tell the story: the Galaxy Chromebook2 will be the first QLED Chromebook — it's an LCD panel with a filter of crystals that affect how the LED backlight is expressed and is not an OLED display — with speakers that are 178% louder than, presumably, its predecessor, a lower base configuration with the Intel 10th-gen Core i3 processor starring, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and a target battery cycle of at least 12 hours.

The question then becomes "would you pay $699 for a watered-down Galaxy Chromebook?" Or, "does it even make sense to call this thing the Galaxy Chromebook2 when it should have something like 'Lite' in the name?"

Sure, there's a role for this thing to play and it would have a hand in helping keep that barely-year-old Galaxy Chromebook alive and stubborn at its $999 MSRP ($899 at Amazon), but is it a role worth playing? We'll have to see if this thing comes true in the first place before we can answer that.