Google Assistant has gone through plenty of UI changes over its lifespan so far, and Google unified the old and new Assistant interfaces into a single design back in October. Now a fresh tweak appears to be rolling out to some users that gives the Assistant's Snapshot feature a new icon, leading to an 'Updates for you' page.

The new screen is accessible by tapping on a lightbulb icon that appears on the main Snapshot screen to the left of the user avatar. Though the page it takes you to is titled "Updates for you," it seems to be dedicated mostly to tips about how to use Assistant features, prompting you to do things like set a timer or make a call on speakerphone. It'd be cool to see more customized cards, too, such as telling you which commands to use with newly connected smart home devices.

The "Updates for you" screen is now accessible from the lightbulb icon located to the left of your avatar.

This isn't the first time the "Updates for you" screen has been spotted in the wild, but its location behind the lightbulb icon appears to be making its way to more users now on devices that use both the old and new versions of Google Assistant. You might not even realize you have it, since our recent poll indicated many people don't even know about the Snapshot screen and those that do don't really use it.

It's still a little unclear what Google's intention is here. All we can do is hope that the company doesn't intend to split up the Snapshot page into two different screens, making a feature intended to provide a quick glance at your day more complicated than it needs to be. This wouldn't be the first change to the Snapshot feature that had people up in arms.

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