Google is slowly phasing out its older voice recognition technology in favor of the Assistant, and the latest Android app to benefit from the transition is Chrome — which is great news for multilingual users. A long-available flag has finally become functional, allowing you to retire the old voice search interface in favor of a snazzy Assistant look.

To activate the new voice search experience, copy and paste chrome://flags/#omnibox-assistant-voice-search in mobile Chrome, activate the Omnibox Assistant Voice Search, and restart your browser. When you tap the microphone button in the address bar or the Omnibox on a new tab page, you'll see a full-screen Assistant voice search panel instead of the small pop-up box of old. Functionally, voice search remains identical across both versions — Google gives you a spoken answer, and you can see the regular search results on The new interface can also be activated on phones that don't have the new Google Assistant. You just won't get the signature glowing Google colors on the bottom as seen in the left screenshot below.


Left: New Assistant voice search. Right: Old voice search.

The flag first surfaced back in January, but nothing changed when you turned it on. It's possible that some now active server-side dependencies weren't in place back then. Keep in mind that the redesigned voice search is only live on the new tab page and in the address bar. When you tap the microphone button on, voice recognition is still directly handled by the website.

The new interface is live in stable Chrome 87, so you don't need to get the beta or dev version. You can download v87 on the Play Store or over at APK Mirror.

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