Smart speakers and smart displays are great, but what about smart wall clocks? They're a thing, too, and right now, you can get a Citizen Echo smart wall clock that works with Alexa for just $44.70 on Amazon — a savings of $35.29 off the normal price.

This Citizen Echo clock pairs with a compatible Alexa device via Bluetooth to provide a visual reference point for timers. It has 60 LED markers along the clock face to give you an easy to read countdown. Timers set on the paired Alexa device will display on the clock automatically, even if you set multiple timers at once. Along with this smart functionality, it's also a traditional wall piece in its own right, with a stylish modern design and protective glass to keep the hands of the clock safe from harm.

It even sets itself to always be on time, even during special events such as Daylight Savings Time. And since it uses 4 C batteries that last up to a full year, there's no need to position it near an electrical outlet.

Grab this smart wall clock from Citizen Echo for yourself by visiting the Amazon link below — you'll pay just $44.79, saving $35.29 off the MSRP in the process.