Owning a pair of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, I can definitely say they're one of the best sounding buds on the market. Sadly, their price can be a roadblock for many, despite how great they sound. Thankfully, the company's CX 400BT, which offer the same audio quality without noise cancelation, are much cheaper, usually selling for $200. With this deal, they're much more affordable, as they're down to just $130, which is probably the best value for money you can get when it comes to true wireless buds.

If you're considering the CX 400BT, keep in mind they're engineered for audio and pretty much nothing else. Sure, they look sleek and offer a compact and discreet design, but they're not the best option if you're looking for workout buds. Similarly, if you spend your day on calls, you might want to buy another pair that features wireless charging, as these come with neither water-resistance nor wireless charging. They do sound great, though, and offer a very respectable seven-hour battery-life, with another 13 thanks to the charging case, which comes with a USB-C connector.

Both black and white models are on sale, and Amazon says they should arrive before Christmas. Make sure to read Rita's detailed review if you want to learn more about them