The idea of Photoshop on a phone-sized screen may sound a little funny, but Adobe's Photoshop Camera still does its best to bring pro-level AI-powered features to the masses on their mobile devices. The app exited its beta testing period earlier this year, and now it's adding support for a key feature that should make it much nicer to use at night — that's right, dark mode has arrived.

Adobe has implemented its dark theme in the best way, allowing users to choose when they'd like to see it, if at all. Once you navigate to Settings->Preferences, you can set it to light mode, dark mode, or have it follow the system theme (the superior option, in this writer's opinion). The new dark theme affects everything from the app settings to the browsable lens library.

Here's Photoshop Camera's dark theme in action.

Dark mode isn't the only new thing that has landed in version 1.2 of the app. Along with the new darker shade of digital paint, Adobe is adding a new modal crop tool that should make it easier to crop images to the exact dimensions you're after. In addition, the new update improves salient masking and fixes a number of bugs to boot.

If night has fallen (or even if it's still daytime out), you can head over to APK Mirror or the Play Store now and upgrade to v1.2 for better image editing and fewer scorched eyeballs.

Photoshop Camera Photo Filters
Photoshop Camera Photo Filters
Developer: Adobe
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