Google's Camera Go app for Android Go edition phones is picking up the ability to shoot in HDR. The feature extends the dynamic range of a scene with some fancy computationl processing and a few different exposures, capturing photos that show more detail in challenging lighting conditions.

In case you aren't familiar, the Camera Go app is intended for Google's Android Go edition phones, a low-end initiative meant to provide better value and functionality in sub-$100 phones with limited specifications. These are devices that don't usually support features like Portrait Mode, Night Mode, or HDR in their camera apps, so it's both unusual and pretty great that Google can bring these sorts of features to that price point.

The news was announced by the @Android Twitter account without much fanfare, though it was teased back in October with the update that brought the app Night Mode. The Camera Go app itself only debuted back in March, so Google's been adding these new features at a productive pace.

Though results will vary based on your particular Android Go edition phone's hardware, HDR is a relatively premium camera feature, and the results Google teases in its announcement look good — more than good enough considering the low-end phones that Camera Go targets.

We're told that the latest version of the app has the feature, though we aren't sure if it may be enabled via a remote flag/server-side change, or if it's limited to any specific Go-powered phones to start. Unfortunately, the Camera Go app listing on the Play Store is only visible from Android Go devices, but folks looking to pull it down manually can over at our sister site APK Mirror. The app is compatible with most Android phones, but these new features like HDR may not work if you aren't using an Android Go edition phone, and compatibility for these new features may be further limited to specific models.