Dead Zebra's Christmas-themed Android figurine is now available — with a catch. You can order up one Santa Claus-dressed bugdroid (sack of gifts and glassed included), but it won't actually ship until the week of Christmas, and it's guaranteed to arrive after the date itself. That gives you a full year to put it in the closet and get ready for next year.

The 3" tall figurine is a holly if not downright jolly bugdroid, sporting Santa's trademark fuzzy-edged red suit and hat, black boots and belt, a red fabric sack, and a big 'ol beard. His eyes are squinting in happiness — or maybe just from the glare of 2020's nuclear finale. Either way, it's not from any vision issues, given the beefy gold-framed glasses.

This year's timing is a bit later than we're used to when it comes to Christmas-themed Dead Zebra Android memorabilia, like the tree ornaments from the last two years. We don't know if it was delayed or if this later date was the original intention, but either way, you can't pick this up and expect it to arrive in time for Christmas. The special edition (read: limited) collectible ships next week.