Everybody wants to take beautiful photos, but not many of us can make it out to a full-blown photography studio these days. That's where PhotoRoom comes in — it's an app that automatically removes photo backgrounds, making it easy to create professional headshots, product pics, and more. And now it's available for the first time on Android.

The app is well designed, with an interface that's easy to get the hang of, if a little too minimal in some places. You can capture a new picture to start, or choose one from your image gallery. Then PhotoRoom will analyze the picture using machine learning and try to identify the subject of the shot, removing the background in the process.

The app definitely does best with simple objects that are easily recognizable by its machine learning algorithm, but in my limited testing, even when it didn't do things perfectly I was still generally happy with the results. Like a lot of other photo editing apps, PhotoRoom makes its money by charging subscription fees for advanced features — $9.49 per month or $46.99 for an entire year.

It did a decent job on this fairly complicated image.

The company behind the app has recently passed through an additional funding round, and plans on increasing the number of people on its team from 3 to 8 while continuing to hone its deep learning algorithm.

It surprised me with how well it cut out this weird Coraline figurine. 

PhotoRoom launched on Apple's App Store earlier this year, but luckily Android users haven't had to wait too long to try it out for themselves. You can download PhotoRoom now from the Play Store. It's free to use, but some features are locked behind a premium subscription, including the ability to export images without watermarks. It's a handy little tool, and it comes in especially useful when you need creative photos while being stuck at home.