OnePlus may be known for its phones, but its backpacks have also proven popular over the years. Today, OnePlus has announced a new (and honestly pretty snazzy) design called the Urban Traveler Backpack, set to go on sale January 8th, though the company is giving away a handful early as part of its User Festival.

The backpack has a 20L capacity with nine pockets. The main compartment has a partition, its own zippered back, and a pair of elastic bands to hold things like water bottles. A separate laptop compartment (that can hold up to 16" models) is on the rear, together with a secret compartment at the bottom. That diagonal line across the front opens to a small storage area as well, and there's a luggage pole belt for travel — handy if and when we get to travel again.

There's a plastic loop on the strap for attaching items, or just dangling your sunglasses from. It's available (at least, to start) in a a fully black or a white and black colorway. The white color has been treated to prevent stains, and both the zippers and lining are waterproof.

Other "bold" colors are also in the drafting stages and may materialize in the future. In the meantime, this model looks pretty snazzy. While I loved the original backpack, the more recent version with the folding top and pull tab wasn't quite my style, but this new one might be.

Sales open on January 8th, though folks can try to snag one early in the User Festival giveaway.