It's been over a year since Google launched Stadia, and since then the cloud gaming service has continued releasing new features and rolling out to more countries. Last month, we heard that Stadia might be coming to Apple devices, and now that moment has arrived — although you won't find it via the App Store.

Well, technically the Stadia app is on Apple's App Store, but it's only for managing your account. Due to Apple's current (somewhat ridiculous) stance on cloud gaming services, bringing Stadia's main functionality via traditional methods is unfeasible — which is why Google had to get a little creative. The company is bringing support for playing games on Stadia to the mobile web, so Apple users will be able to pull up in Safari to start gaming on the go.

The web app can be added to your iOS home screen for easy access.

While playing titles like Assassin's Creed and Cyberpunk 2077 on small phone screens may not be the optimal experience, it will be handy to have the option on iPads. And despite only being a web app, you can still connect the Stadia controller, since it works via a direct web link to Google's game-streaming servers. Certain third-party Bluetooth controllers are supported, too, like the DualShock 4 and Xbox One pads. If your controller of choice requires a wired connection, you're out of luck for now.

After an admittedly slow start, Stadia's momentum might finally be poised to start moving for real. Earlier this month, Google started delivering the ability for users to livestream their gaming sessions on YouTube, which should help get more eyes on Stadia. A lot of people took Google up on its Cyberpunk 2077 promotion, and a number of new Ubisoft titles are now available through Ubisoft+ on Stadia as well. Today's news will only serve to increase the number of players trying out cloud gaming themselves — and maybe Tim Cook will be able to test it for himself and realize that Apple's current requirements need fixing.