It's good to have the luxury to seamlessly switch between your laptop and your smartphone while browsing. Google Chrome is one browser that syncs tabs across devices. It seems like Microsoft is also on the verge of rolling out this feature to its Edge users, although only between Android and Windows 10 devices.

According to Windows Centralthe new syncing options are being pushed out with beta version However, Microsoft seems to be running an A/B test as not all users with the update seem to have access to cross-device tab sync just yet. The new beta also brings in support for syncing history, which is a nifty addition that will allow you to quickly access your cumulative history on both Android and Windows 10 devices.

The screenshots above show how cross-device tab sync looks on Microsoft Edge.

There is no word on when Microsoft will roll out this feature to more users on the beta or, eventually, the stable channel. The changelog doesn't even mention it yet, so we'd be surprised if it came to the stable version any time soon.

Microsoft Edge already supports the syncing of other types of data between Android and Windows 10 devices — including bookmarks, passwords, and collections. The new development brings Microsoft Edge closer to offering a seamless, in-sync experience across devices.