Microsoft is taking on the field of password management, but the way it's doing so has some raising their eyebrows: the feature is embedded as a public preview into Microsoft Authenticator. The app is now ready to generate, store, and autofill passwords for those who link their non-enterprise Microsoft account.

Head to Settings, scroll to the Beta subhead, and toggle the Autofill feature on. From the main screen, a new Passwords tab will appear. You'll need to sign in again in order to sync any passwords associated with your account. Finally, you'll need to open your system settings, go to Applications, and change the default app for autofill to Microsoft Authenticator.

Enterprise administrators will need to guide their team in adding their work or school account to Microsoft's multi-factor authentication system. More details can be found in a help page here.

We would have screenshots for Android, but we weren't able to get the beta feature to appear, so these iOS screenshots from the blog post will have to do. It still works on Android, though.

Obviously, there's the convenience factor of having one-time codes and static passwords all in one place, but with the inclusion of advanced authentication factors, it also makes the app an extremely valuable cache for hackers to crack into.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
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