Showing pics on a map had been a longstanding request for the Google Photos team — someone even made a third-party app for it — until Google finally rolled it out along with the redesigned three-tabbed Photos redesign. While this new interface was perfect for spotting all the world's nooks and crannies where you've shot pics, it didn't tell the full story of your journey from one spot to another. Now, Photos has integrated Maps' timeline, letting you see how you traveled throughout each day and where your pics were snapped.

The integration is live in Photos v5.23.0 and above. You can spot it when you head to the Search tab then open Your Map in the Places section. A new warning box says your timeline has been added to the map, with a link to a support page that explains how your photos' location is analyzed. You'll have to zoom in a bit to get the first daily path to show up, but after that, it should be easier to pinch and zoom through your city/country/world and see the routes you followed every day and all the photos you snapped.

Tapping the blue path shows a tooltip that explains what it is. You can tap there again to be taken to the settings (which are also accessible from the three-dot overflow menu on the top right). There, you'll be able to disable the timeline integration in Photos.

With this additon, Photos and Maps are sharing a tighter integration than ever before. You can already see all your daily movements in the Maps app's timeline and all the pics you've taken at every stop, but that UI focuses more on the movement aspect than the pic one. With Photos, the interface puts your snaps and visual memories first.

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