Smart displays are good for lots of useful things, but what about when you just want to unwind and relax? Google brought touch-enabled games to smart displays earlier this year, and now the company is releasing an update that's focused on getting more people playing with a newly revamped gaming screen and a selection of new titles.

The redesigned screen, which Google calls the "Games lobby", now shows off a selection of categories that promote smart display games to potential players. There are collections of featured games, top-ranked games, and one for recently played games so you can quickly jump back into old favorites.

Google is taking this opportunity to announce several new, soon-to-be-released titles, including one from Zynga, the publishers of FarmVille. It's called Daily Word Wheel, and it's based on the popular Words With Friends game. It lets players solve crossword puzzles by unscrambling letters, and it's been optimized for smart display usage so progress is automatically saved — you can take a break and pick up where you left off anytime.

Along with Daily Word Wheel, there's a new game in the works that allows you to pick Hello Kitty as a virtual companion and choose where she goes and who she meets along the way. There's a new title called Brainwash Puzzle coming as well, which flashes a series of images on the screen in rapid succession to see how quickly you can spot what they all have in common.

These titles and more should be coming soon, and the updated gaming experience should be rolling out now. Just look for new card tiles on your home screen to launch games with a single tap, or tell the Google Assistant that you'd like to play a game.