Hoping to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone next year? If not, you may be formulating plans after you hear about how the company is prioritizing the development of its future slabs: mobile chief TM Roh has hinted at cheaper foldables and, perhaps, S Pens across more phones.

In a blog post, Roh states that a lot of his focus into 2021 comes out of trends this year that have been tinged by the pandemic. That means improving the multimedia consumption experience and enhancing AI to serve local processes such as video editing. Whether all this manifests in cameras being able to capture more than all the pixels or Bixby pivoting away from online services — well, we could hope for it, right? — is far from certain, but we know in what direction to look.

More explicitly, the company is determined to make more smartphones with foldable displays that are "accessible to everyone" and will incorporate "people's favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience" into other devices in our lineup. Extrapolating those comments out, we could be on the watch for a Galaxy Z series device to cost well less than $1,300 as the Z Flip was this year as well as the lack of a dedicated Note release — and this is, by far, not the first time we've talked about something like a "Snote" or the series' demise.

Of course, the biggest pandemic trend going about right now is economic uncertainty, so the less all of this costs, the more likely Samsung can get people to buy some of it.