This year has been drab but that doesn't mean we can't end it on a good note. In fact, Google's new machine learning experiment, called Blob Opera, aims to do just that. With the help of some adorable little blobs — reminiscent of Google's much-loved old emoji — you can create festive songs before sharing them with friends and family.

The machine learning-powered experiment by David Li, in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, gives you control over four blobs that take up different opera voices — from bass to soprano. Creating your own song is as simple as dragging the blobs up, down, and sideways. While moving up and down changes the pitch, horizontal pulls change the vowel sound.

You needn't worry if you don't have any experience in making music because the machine learning model makes sure that the output is harmonious. In order to achieve this, Google brought in four opera artists who fed 16 hours' worth of singing into the ML model to train it. You won't hear the voices of these singers in the experiment, though.

If you're not in the mood to whip up your own song, you can let the blobs do the work for you and get them to sing some classic festive songs like Jingle Bells or Silent Night. If singing blobs aren't to your liking (you monster), you may want to check out Google's Santa Tracker to get into the festive spirit.