When Google released the next-generation Pixel Buds earlier this year, reactions were mixed. The earbuds came equipped with a lot of neat features, but the basic experience was subpar, with glitchy Bluetooth connections and a fit that couldn't be called the most comfortable in the world. Now a new accessory coming to the Google Store may help alleviate that last concern, as Comply is bringing its fancy foam ear tips to Pixel Buds.

The foam cushions promise to provide a secure fit to help the Pixel Buds block out outside distractions — which is great, considering Google decided not to include any form of active noise cancellation. Foam tips are often more comfortable as well, since the material conforms to the exact shape of your ear.

The listing is live, but remains unavailable for now.

Comply has confirmed that the earbud tips will come with 3 pairs in the box, and that three sizes will be available: small, medium, and large. Each of the sizes should be able to fit in the Pixel Buds official charging case. Pricing will be set at $19.99, which is $5 cheaper than the company's foam tips for Apple's AirPods Pro.

The listing is already visible on the Google Store, but the tips currently show as being out of stock. That should change very soon though, as Comply said that the product has already been shipped out to Google's warehouses. The tips will go on sale at complyfoam.com and Amazon, as well, in the coming weeks.

If you've been wishing that the Pixel Buds delivered a bit better audio quality while being more comfy to wear, keep your eyes (or, rather: ears) peeled. And if you don't own a pair of Google's flagship earbuds — well, would you look at that: they happen to be on sale right now.