COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench into people's holiday plans, but Google's Santa Tracker is back to keep us company while we're stuck at home. And this year, Google has given it a simple modification that makes it feel very 2020: gifting a pair of purple masks to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Google tweeted out an update today letting festive folks everywhere know that the Santa Tracker is up and running again. For those unfamiliar, the Santa Tracker experience includes a wealth of virtual festive activities like games, videos, and even a dancing 3D version of the big man himself.

Even the progressive web app icon has been updated with a 2020 touch.

While it's nice to see that Santa is keeping public health in mind, I take issue with the mask Google chose to gift to the Claus family. Where are the festive touches? The glittering lights? The candy-cane stripes? At least make it red to match everything else in Santa's wardrobe. And I won't even comment on how Santa masks up himself and his wife, yet apparently thinks his workforce of elves is more expendable.

You can check out Santa's new look for yourself (and everything else the Santa Tracker offers) by typing "where's santa?" into Google search, or by hopping in your own magical sled and flying over to It's a fun web experience to explore, especially with some of the cute additions added last year.