Searching for a premium Android tablet that won't break the bank? Samsung's really the only place you'll find them, but because they hold value so well between generations, you can still enjoy a Galaxy Tab S6 with 256GB of storage for just $430!

The Tab S6 came out last year and was almost immediately subsumed by the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite — it had all the looks it needed and the cost-performance efficiency inside to overshadow its Snapdragon 855-bearing sibling. The S6, with an AMOLED display, a fingerprint sensor, 8GB of RAM, and an S Pen stylus, seemed to under-promise for the price tag.

Well, it's nigh on 18 months from release now and it looks like Best Buy is putting a ton of Mountain Gray stock (definitely not the Cloud Blue inventory) on clearance, selling it for $430 — that's $300 off! Oddly enough, it's the same price the Tab S6 sold for one hot second in the middle of October last year from the same retailer. Unfortunately, the complementary book cover keyboard is $180.

Get 'em while they last.