Over the past few years, HMD Global has followed the Motorola-like strategy of releasing phones at every imaginable price tier. The cheapest option so far was the 2019 Nokia C1, a 3G-only phone aimed at developing countries, but now HMD is releasing a 'Plus' variant with upgraded hardware and software.

The announcement for the Nokia C1 is one of the vaguest press releases I've ever read, so there aren't many precise details to go on. It has a 5.45-inch "HD+" screen (presumably the same 960x480 resolution as the original C1), 4G support, a 2,500mAh battery, a front-facing flash, and enough storage for "up to 3000 songs or 13 hours of HD video." There's no mention of the SoC or amount of RAM, and the phone will ship with Android 10 Go Edition. HMD didn't say when (or if) the phone would get Android 11, which was released three months ago.

It's also not clear exactly where the Nokia C1 Plus will be sold, besides somewhere in Europe, as implied by the 69 EUR price tag. It will be available in red and blue colors.