Google Assistant is pretty powerful, especially when you start playing around with some of its more advanced customization options. The company has been adding new routines recently, including ones that sense your presence and keep you on track during the workday. Now it looks like Google is working on two new routines called sunset and sunrise.

The new additions allow you to set custom routines to run in relation to the sun's position (even at specific locations). For example, you might be able to trigger Rebecca Black's classic song Friday to blast from your ex's Google Home speaker whenever the sun rises on Fridays in their ZIP code.

Routines can be set using sunrise and sunset times at a specific location.

These new routines unlock plenty of other (less antagonistic) possibilities, as well. When it comes to Assistant routines, there are countless customization opportunities that let you take advantage of Google Assistant to suit your needs. Routines can even be pinned to your home screen now.

While the new sunset/sunrise routines don't appear to be rolling out widely yet, it seems like only a matter of time before Google sees fit to expand their reach to the rest of us. You can try your luck now by downloading the latest version of the Google Home app or the Google app beta — both include routine functionality for the Assistant. Just don't be surprised if the new options show up later by way of a server-side rollout.

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