Your life is chock-full with things to do: work tasks, house chores, grocery lists, and more. Not only should you be using a powerful task manager to help you stay organized, but you also need one that will keep you on track so that you can continue to smash through your goals again and again. Introducing Kanbani, a freeware task manager built for the modern busy lifestyle.

What is kanban?

Before we dive into the Kanbani app, it's important to understand the origin of its name. Kanban, a Japanese word that translates to "signboard," is a visual way of organizing and presenting information as a series of cards sorted into lists placed on a board, designed to maximize work efficiency and output. Although it was first implemented as a scheduling protocol within a Toyota manufacturing plant in the 1940s, kanban has since found its way into other industries where it has proven itself as a compelling task management solution.

Introducing Kanbani by PDApps

Kanbani takes the visual idea of signboards and modernizes it for the digital age. Whether you have a handful of task cards or hundreds of thousands of them, Kanbani promises to offer a fast, lightweight interface so that your tasks are always at the ready.

Its ease of use is enough to warrant a closer look, but Kanbani is also brimming with a number of powerful features. For instance, it works in both online and offline modes. All saved data is end-to-end encrypted with industry-standard cryptography (AES). It also includes a dark theme, an autosaving feature, Android homescreen widgets, and more. In terms of sharing and organizing, Kanbani allows users to easily import or export data using popular services like Excel and Trello. Once in the Kanbani app, cards can be sorted by title, description, or color. There's even a timeline view so that you can see all of your upcoming tasks based on their due dates.

Best of all, Kanbani is 100% free. You pay nothing to download the app, you don't need to register or provide any personal details, it doesn't come crammed with any ads, there aren't any in-app purchases, and the developers behind Kanbani assured us that they don't track their users' activity.

If you'd like to try out Kanbani for free right now without downloading a thing, check out this sample online Kanbani board with just a click. Kanbani is also open source, and developers are encouraged to extend the app's functionality by writing their own plugins.

Download Kanbani for free today

If you're ready to start organizing your to-dos with Kanbani, you can download the official app from the Google Play Store or from Huawei's AppGallery for free. To learn more about Kanbani, including how it can help you organize your busy life and keep you on track to crush your goals, check out the official website and the Kanbani XDA forum thread.

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