Media and content companies really like previewing content as you scroll through their catalogs. Someone must've decided that this was more immersive and interactive at one point and now every app does it, from Netflix to YouTube, the Play Store, your Google Discover, and more. The feature is spreading to YouTube Music, but at least it only affects video thumbnails, not regular album art. And you can turn it off, obviously.

The option has been popping randomly for a year — it even went live on iOS before Android — but it now seems to be really live for all with v4.07.51 (APK Mirror) of YouTube Music. You'll see it when you're scrolling through your Home or Explore tabs: video thumbnails like the ones in the Recommended music videos and Live performances rows will show an animated GIF-like preview. I suppose that can be handy if you're looking for a particular performance or video version and the cover thumbnail isn't descriptive enough.

But if you'd rather disable this, you can head over to the app's settings and look for Show animated thumbnails. You can turn it off there, or only enable it on Wi-Fi.

Frozen cover?! Kids, let this be your warning not to use your regular YouTube account when researching things for an article you're writing. You have no idea how that'll trip the algorithm and affect your recommendations.

If you want to see your thumbnails come to life in YouTube Music, make sure you're on the latest v4.07.51 release, which is also available on APK Mirror.

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